2024 National AGM

Published Sun 24 Dec 2023

  1. Notice of meetings - reopening 2022/23 meeting,
  2. to be followed by the 2023/24 AGM,
  3. to be followed at its conclusion with a General Sailors meeting.
  4. Please advise any agenda items for AGM or Sailors meeting by Jan 3rd to
  5. Barrie is completing his 2nd year as National President so we will be calling for nominations to replace him
  6. Shannon has moved away from the class and has indicated that he does not wish to be reappointed as secretary/treasurer
  7. Members are reminded that the National President is elected by the National Council and positions consequently appointed by the president.. So coming to the meeting wont land you a job but it will give you a say on the classes direction!

Can all officers and state presidents/reps please email me your reports by the 3rd of Jan,


Thank you all